After venturing to world’s beyond this one, a group of glorious creatives decided it’s time to come home. Taking all the wild and wonderful wisdom they gathered along the way, the artistic soulmates have joined to share their experiences and bring us the best event the North West’s eyes have ever seen, ascending the festival culture on the Emerald Isle.

Deeply rooted in community, the festival is a space for local artists, musicians and businesses to showcase their creations alongside the internationally renowned acts taking to the stages and one where everyone can delight in its authentic electricity.

A landmark event on the annual calendar, it will bring people from near and far with thousands getting to experience the alchemy of Yeats County.

An explosion of art, music and adventure, Wild Roots will take you on a journey to explore galaxies beyond your own. For the adventurous beings, where native and boutique walk hand in hand, immerse yourself in the enchanted forest, swim in the mysticism of your surrounds, dine in the arena of invigoration, be enveloped in art or wrap yourself in the warm blankets of humanity.

Wild Roots is the festival of vitality where dreams and reality marry, illuminating the senses. Deeply rooted in an ethos of community, the spirit of creativity and heart is alive in us all, so let’s celebrate, share, experience and truly live.


The sights and sounds of Wild Roots Festival
will speak to a part of your soul that craves that little bit of magic
let us lead you to the forest, let your roots down and be wild!

2nd-5th JUNE 2022