Perched at the top of our wondrous experience, is our main stage which holds humans like summer leaves.

A home for the musicians and movers who will lift our worlds with their creative wizardry and presence, leading the way for the weekend of expression.

Be mesmerised by the epitome of the human form in all its beauty, be captivated by its complexities and be ready to relinquish to the astonishing abilities of the circus performers.

Join them or just enjoy them, get lost in the carousel of colour and the art of acrobatics, a place of pure awe.

Meet up with Mother Nature. Adventure Sligo can take you on trails and treks through the rugged wilds of the North West. Wake up with a swim or a surf. Take a kayak to the moon or paddleboard your way to the waves and join the ocean as she says goodnight to the sun.

The start of a thousand stories and the making of a million memories. Take solace among the trees and listen to its secrets.

It’s our hidden gem for music, movement, nature and experience. Bathe in its allurement.

Prepare to set out on a journey and get lost along the way. Listen out for the song from the trees or be hypnotised by acrobats on your way to the water. Surrender to the pop up surprises, the organic and the fortuitous.

The out of town, out of town, where outsiders and misfits belong. This universe offers a view of the world as one. Possibility, curiosity and imagination all live here through music, conversation, performance, and unity.

Where belly laughing is born. Vibrations of cheers and chuckles will radiate their way through our cells as comedians brave their craft to bring us joy.

What’s an explosion of humanity without fun? Breathe it all in from our Ferris Wheel, hear the laughter and see Sligo through god-like eyes or unleash the craic of the amusements and make your inner child sing.

Step into your body. Immerse yourself in our outdoor oasis, tucked away in serene surrounds. Select the sensual and the soothing. Wash away the unwanted. Seaweed, salt, hot tub or shower. Relax. Restore. Rejuvenate.

Stroll through this spectacular sphere of nature’s elements. Marvel at its mastery where you can weave the earth or play with fire. A cosmos of creations.

Our energy centre is at our core. Savour in the sizzle, pop, care and zest as you refuel in this space of sustenance and jubilation. 

All Big Roots start as Little Roots and children are a brilliant part of our world. Free to enjoy their little world here bursting with what it should be about, laughter, art and joy.

Move with the music. Feel the beat. Step. Sway. Swing. Spin. Dance with your surrounds and lose yourself in sounds. 

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    13th-15th AUG 2021