Craft VIllage

Willow Weaving

Explore the art of willow weaving by crafting intricate baskets and even fashioning a beautiful willow heart

Copper Crafts

Experience the world of copper craftsmanship as you forge your own copper leaf under the guidance of a skilled copper smith.

Felt Making

Discover the tactile art of felt making by creating functional felted soap savers and even experimenting with crafting felt dreadlocks.

Pottery Making

Immerse yourself in the world of pottery by painting a ceramic pot and trying your hand at the mesmerizing kick-wheel pottery technique.

Becoming Your
Own W.B. Yeats

Embark on a poetic journey as you dive into the art of writing and composing captivating poetry that reflects your thoughts and emotions.

Metal Designing

Unleash your inner blacksmith and bring metal to life by designing and creating your very own metal object, infused with your artistic vision.

Show your
artistic side

Embrace the meditative art of pebble painting, using your creativity to turn ordinary pebbles into unique pieces of painted art.

Clay Sculpturing

Sculpt with clay and let your imagination go into three-dimensional forms, letting your artistic instincts guide your hands in this hands-on sculpting experience.

Wool Demonstrations

Witness the enchanting process of spinning wheel demonstration, as different wools and natural fibres are transformed into thread before your eyes. In addition to these engaging activities, the creative space will be adorned with three captivating art installations: a whimsical Fairy House, a striking Cormorant piece, and a mesmerizing Woven Willow Sculpture Garden installation. This environment is carefully curated to provide a relaxed and inspiring atmosphere for your artistic exploration.

31st MAY - 3rd JUNE 2024