Flying Monkeys Trapeze

Limited Tickets Available

Flying trapeze is a fun and challenging experience. It is the pinnacle of circus where a performer jumps off a platform holding onto a bar, performs an impressive trick and lands in the hands of a catcher. With safety equipment and expert coaching anyone can have this exhilarating experience.

Our classes are two-hour long with 3 instructors to guide you all the way. A class will have a maximum of 10 participants to give everyone enough time on the trapeze.

Stand Up Paddle

Sup paddle Ticket

Take some time to take to the water. Try something new or advance what you know. Embrace the space with friends or enjoy some moments of solitude. SUP away your day in the most natural way. 

Kayak Tour

kayak tour Ticket

Let the sun kiss and the ripples splash as you wade through the water. Kayak your way to your ideal day. Expertise is not required, just a willingness and respect for the water, earth and skies as that’s where the true contentment resides.

Wild West Sailing

Wild West Sailing Ticket

Sail the seven seas with our fellow Sligo family, Wild West Sailing. Calling all quartermasters, boatswains and first mates, navigate the high seas under the watchful eye of our experienced Captain. Fulfil your childhood pirate dreams or your adult sailor ones, register now to brave the elements and reap the rewards. 

Be surprised. Venture out on the water and rock the boat with your fellow festivalists. Our brothers and sisters at We Are Motion will host a party with a secret DJ and booze on board. Free to ticket holders who register to join but spaces are few, so book now to be part of the party and raise the level on the water.

The sights and sounds of Wild Roots Festival
will speak to a part of your soul that craves that little bit of magic
let us lead you to the forest, let your roots down and be wild!

3rd-5th JUNE 2022