Refunds Policy

As is the case with most large scale events, Wild Roots operates a ‘no refund’ policy. This means that you should be certain your basket contains only the tickets you wish to purchase, and any coupon codes have been applied to it, before you complete the checkout process and make payment. Once payment has been made, no refunds will be given.

Ticket transfers

If after you have made your purchase you realise you have bought the wrong ticket, you are free to transfer your ticket to someone else.

  • You can gift your ticket to a friend or family member who would love to come in your place.
  • You can sell your ticket to someone else. This can be someone you know, someone you found after advertising on the likes of Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace, or by using a resales platform. Suitable platforms can be found by searching ‘ticket reseller’ in Google.

In either case, you are reminded that a ticket can only be scanned once. After a ticket is scanned, it will not scan again. This means that no matter how many copies of your ticket that may be ‘out there’ only the first person who presents the ticket at the entrance gates will be given access to the festival. If you transfer your ticket to someone else, you can let us know their details by contacting

Unable to attend

If you think there may be any reason why you are not able to attend the festival after you have already bought tickets…

  • You can transfer your ticket to someone else as per the ‘ticket transfers’ section above.
  • Ticket insurance providers can be found by searching for ‘event ticket insurance’ or ‘missed event insurance’ in Google. You should make yourself fully aware of your obligations and their claims policy before buying any insurance. Providers will usually require you to buy your insurance within a specific time after buying your ticket, or a specific time before the event takes place. They also usually only pay out against a claim after the event has taken place and after they have confirmed that the ticket has not been used (scanned). For this reason, if you intend to make a claim against this type of insurance, you should contact us to have your ticket cancelled as soon as you know you will not be able to attend.

Lineup changes for single day tickets

While we take all possible care to finalise a lineup before announcing it, on rare occasions, an artist’s published performance day may change. If you have bought a day ticket on the strength of a lineup announcement and subsequently their performance day changes, you can contact and we will arrange for your ticket to be cancelled and a new ticket to be issued for the rescheduled day. This is only available for Friday, Saturday and Sunday day tickets.

Festival postponement or cancellation

Sometimes, events outside of our control may affect our ability to hold the festival on the published weekend. A recent example of this is when Covid-19 legislation meant that we could not operate. In instances such as this, your tickets will be automatically transferred to the new dates (in the case of postponement) or the following year (in the case of cancellation). You do not need to do anything except keep your tickets safe. If you are not able to attend the new dates, please refer to the ‘unable to attend’ section above.

31st MAY - 3rd JUNE 2024