1 Traders

  • Load in and out must occur within the allocated time slots.
  • All vehicles must be removed from site 4 hours before the event starts. There is no vehicular access/movement allowed once site is open to the public.
  • Not attempt to set up or trade at any other location than your designated pitch
  • All traders must remain open and operating for the core opening hours of the Festival.
  • All Traders must use adequate weights on their units. Wild Roots accepts no responsibility for any damage to units caused by adverse weather conditions.
  • Wild Roots do not offer exclusivity to any vendor.
  • All traders must cooperate fully with all officials, event staff and security.
  • Wild Roots take no responsibility for trading levels during the event. There are no guarantees.
  • Traders shall not use sound systems on their stalls unless authorised by event officials.
  • Traders shall not extend past the given frontage line or total footprint agreed on application. Traders must keep vehicle movement to a minimum on site. A member of staff will inform you of the driving routes. Any vehicles without the correct pass will be removed.
  • All traders should be aware that deliveries are the responsibility of the trader. Deliveries come on site at their own risk and traders must consult with Wild Roots as to what the procedure is for deliveries for the specific event.
  • Note staff passes and wristbands are all numbered and traceable back to the organisation they are issued to. If these are found to be misused or tampered with, the offender will be removed from the site and the pass will not be replaced.
  • Wild Roots reserves the right to eject any individual from the site.
  • No animals are allowed on site (with the exception of guide dogs).
  • All stalls must close down strictly at the time given. Lack of cooperation will eliminate you from being considered for further participation in Wild Roots organised events.
  • Management reserves the right to cancel any bookings or refuse the right to trade to any traders. Full refunds will only be issued in the event of management canceling any bookings.
  • Any invoice updates (e.g. pitch size; power requirements) that take place on site will incur a €50 administration fee, plus the additional requirement cost. Please ensure the details on your invoice are correct for pitch size, power and water. Any updates should be confirmed by Email to Wild Roots at vendors@wildroots.ie.
  • No single-use plastics are permitted on site. No drinks should be sold in plastic bottles. All soft drinks should be canned. All serveware must be compostable

Wild Roots will designate each trader their trading location and this is non-negotiable. The control of the concessions area is licensed to Wild Roots. This license includes responsibility for any damage inflicted upon the designated site, its trees, its furniture, its grass and it’s paving (where applicable) and any/all fixtures and fittings within the site boundaries. Wild Roots will divide and sub-license the area. The sub-licensed area allocated to you will be defined as your ‘Pitch’. Any damage caused to your pitch, whilst sub-licensed to you will be your responsibility and any required remedial works will have to be paid for by you. You will also be liable for the costs for any required remedial works in the case of damage caused to the grounds, by you or any member or your staff, or any delivery vehicles, en route to or from your pitch.

2 Products

  • Stallholders should not sell any type of goods other than those for which they are registered and have applied to sell. Wild Roots reserves the right to prevent you from selling goods not listed on your application.
  • No alcohol, cigarettes, herbal highs, drugs or sky lanterns can be sold.
  • No counterfeit goods or copyright protected goods can be sold.
  • No unauthorised merchandise can be sold.
  • There should be no illegal trading or purchasing stock on site. If illegal trading is discovered, the trader will be stopped trading and removed from site & prosecuted

3 Food Traders

  • All food traders must comply with all local Environmental Health Office regulations.
  • All Food Traders must have a list of ingredients in English and a best before date clearly marked on all pre-packed food.
  • All food traders must have hand wash facilities with hot & cold running water where applicable.
  • All food traders must have the required number of wash up sinks with hot and cold running water. Traders must not use the hand wash sinks provided by the event as wash up sinks. They are strictly hand wash only.
  • All food traders must use designated trader/food handler toilets.
  • All food traders must be aware of and comply with the current Irish food waste legislation.
  • All food waste MUST be disposed of separately to general waste – specific bins will be provided onsite. This is a council directive and they will be imposing fines on individuals who don’t comply.
  • All food traders must ensure all meats are traceable and Irish where applicable.
  • All food traders must make themselves aware of the Food Hygiene Legislation such as statutory temperature controls in selling, displaying and transporting foods, best before dates, correct labeling in English.
  • Food traders shall not sell any type of foods other than those for which they are registered and have applied to sell. Wild Roots reserves the right to prevent you selling goods not listed on your application.
  • All food traders must ensure a level of quality & freshness of goods for sale is paramount.
  • All food traders must be aware that all Gas units will be subject to a Gas Soundness Test on site. An Independent contractor will carry out this test and this is charged to you as an extra cost. The cost of any necessary repair work required in order to pass this test will also be charged to you. If you have never traded with Wild Roots before you must contact the gas contractor (Tony – 087 699 2692) prior to the event to ensure you comply with the relevant gas regulations.

4 Payments

  • Payments are charged as per event Rate Card and are subject to VAT at the current Irish VAT rate of 23% or the current UK VAT rate of 20% (relative to where event is held).
  • Payment should be lodged to the bank details as indicated on your invoice and within the timeframe stated.
  • Proof of payment may be requested and traders should keep lodgement slip/ transaction documents when arriving onsite. Any unpaid invoice, for whatever reason, will automatically forfeit the place in the event.
  • Monies paid for days not used are only refunded at the discretion of Wild Roots.
  • Power charges and on site gas certification charges are charged as extra.
  • Refunds will only be given if the event is cancelled by the Event Organiser.
  • Traders will not be admitted to the site unless full payment has been made.

5 Payment Referencing

  • Please keep proof of lodgement and bring with you to the site.

6 VAT Registration

  • All non-resident traders booking in for events in ROI must be VAT registered and all resident traders will need either a VAT number or PPS number.
  • VAT info is passed on to Revenue as per regulations.

7 Pricing

  • Prices of items for sale must be displayed EURO
  • Price lists must be clear and easily read.

8 Deliveries onsite

A designated Cash&Carry will be appointed for any traders who require to purchase anything over the weekend. Contact details TBC. Deliveries are between the hours of 5am and 9am on event days. There will be no deliveries permitted outside these hours.

Note: No alcohol deliveries are permitted

9 Volunteers

Please note that any traders employing volunteers at their pitches or venues will be obliged to submit the working hours of each volunteer under their supervision. Trader volunteers will have the same shift patterns as any other volunteers on site. Volunteers are not permitted to complete manual labour and no heavy lifting should be asked of any volunteer.

Volunteers are not trained or insured to use any power tools while volunteering at Wild Roots.

31st MAY - 3rd JUNE 2024